Why .co.de?

The German country code .de is with over 15 million registered names without doubt the most popular country code in the world. Due to is local presence requirement and the huge amount of registered names, the opportunities under this TLD becomes more and more limited. This is where .co.de positions itself.

Successful extensions like .co.uk and .co.za show the broad acceptance and importance for companies to show not only the country of their venture, but also their target, represented by “co”. For companies all around the world, .co.de is the natural addition to their portfolio, securing their company name or trademark.

The .co.de extension does not require local presence and offers still huge amount of high generic, valuable domain names and is therefore the perfect add on to the .de extension. On top of that it allows a very specific use with its world wide recognized meaning of “code”. Business in Germany, .co.de without local presence requirement!


The relaunch of .co.de gives everybody the chance to register their wished name under this extension, as the majority of domains become available again.


.co.de has no specific requirements and can be registered without restriction. It is fully automated and handled in real time. 


With our decision to use the state of the art registry backend from OpenRegistry, we did not only assure a reliable and stable service and API but also limited the integration work to the minimum.

Thus all registrars that are accredited for one of the TLDs, that run on the OpenRegistry platform, for example .SX, can immediately start selling domain names without the need to integrate another API.

In case you have not yet integrated the OpenRegistry platform, please download the API documentation under the Registrars menu.


CO.DE Registration Policy

Roles & Responsibilities

DNNext is the registry for .co.de and .co.nu and responsible for:

  • Signing up registrars
  • Managing and supporting registrars
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Legal Queries (abuse [at] co.de)

OpenRegistry is the the technical backend provider and responsible for:

  • Facilitating the registry platform
  • Maintaining and updating the platform
  • Providing the DNS structure for all domains
  • Reporting